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Join: Programs


  1. Recognition on chapter website and social media.

  2. First Tee - Broward logoed hat and shirt.

  3. Invitations to play tournaments at private/exclusive golf courses through the First Tee - Broward, Palm Beaches, and Treasure Coast Fundraising events.

  4. Early access to sponsorship opportunities for all Broward Fundraisers.

  5. A spot in the Fall Invitational with the referral of a $2,500+ Sponsor.

  6. Opportunities to expand your professional network.

  7. Opportunity to invite your peers and friends to First Tee - Broward events and receptions.

  8. Opportunities to make a difference in the lives of young people in Broward County.

  9. Special discounts on purchasing tickets to local tournament events.

  10. Entry into the Pebble Beach Raffle with the $150 membership fee.


  1. Open to professionals living or working in Broward County.

  2. A desire to learn the mission and programs of the chapter and serve as an ambassador for the First Tee of Broward.

  3. Attends First Tee - Broward social and golf events as your schedule allows.

  4. Attends Ambassadors Club meetings and social activities.

  5. Volunteer at chapter events as your schedule allows.

  6. $150.00 annual membership fee

  7. Complimentary Membership for 100-hole Golfers who raised $1,000 or more!

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Current Members

Abigail Linn
Adam Spiegel
Alan Dobzinski
Alexander Weinberg
Andrea Beasley-Walters
Armando Urena
Art Richards
Blake Parker
Bobby Harrington
Brian Cunningham
Bruce Stief
Bud Mansor
Carl Mistretta Jr.
Chris Catena
Chris Dorn
Chris Rios
Christina Kelley
Christine Speedy
Christopher Gebhardt
Dan Young
David Helfman
David Miller
Dianne Ruggiero
Doug Freeman
Drew Di Alberto
Eugene Fu
Gail Bulfin
Greg Kaufman
Greg Thompson
Ian Kubbe
Jayden Freedman
Jerry Windham
Jim Perkins
Jim Reynolds
Joe Lynch
John Fanning
Jonathan Weinberg
John Goshgarian
Juan Ramirez
Karr Wooley
Larry Saffer
Lawrence Franzoni
Lou Chiera
Marc Giarratano 
Marcus Schnellenberger
Marty Elberg
Mathew Kaplan
Matthew Sussman
Michael Greenwood
Michael Weiss
Miles Harris
Oliver Meyer
Orlando Ashford
Rhonda Liesenfelt
Ray Vital
Robert Ballou
Sean Kicker
Shelby Coyle
Stan Schachne
Stephen Estler
Steven Some
Vincent Lapietra
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